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What Makes Our Hearing Aids Different from Others

Our product is one of the smallest units on the market for ready wear products and uses components from leading transducer manufacturers. The primary benefit of our product over the competition is that the device is a hearing aid and not a personal sound amplifier.

As a personal sound amplifier (PSAP) the FDA will not allow us, or any other seller, to discuss hearing loss or how the device could help you with hearing loss. Because this is a hearing aid, you can rest assured that the device follows all FDA guidelines, including good manufacturing principles intended to address hearing loss.

The primary difference between our product and competitors is the backing of the patents and the sound quality from using industry leading components and proprietary software programs.

The benefit to you, the end user, is that the product is manufactured as a class 1 medical device that is monitored by the FDA & FTC. Made in USA. Our products are manufactured in the USA ensuring the highest quality in performance and customer service. Personal Sound Amplifiers are not intended to treat a hearing loss and therefore is a novelty which is not monitored by any agency to ensure the product is safe.

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