• Quality Hearing Aid
  • No Prescription Required
  • Unlimited Free Call-in Personal Support
  • Your Hearing Aids are Delivered to Your Door!
  • Guaranteed Comfort Fit
  • 45 Day Trial
  • Small Discrete Size


Along with our product we include:
  • Batteries
  • User Manual and Pocket Guide
  • Extra Ear Canal Anchors
  • Cleaning Brush

Innovative Micro-Technology Restores Conversations

Smaller than a paper clip—this revolutionary technology allows you to hear friends and family often without them ever realizing you’re wearing it.


What Makes Our Hearing Aids Different from Others

  1. DiscreetHardly anyone will know you’re wearing them
  2. PriceSave thousands of dollars compared to our model
  3. Satisfaction GuaranteeWe offer a 45-Day Risk-Free, In-Home Trial so you can see and hear for yourself just how good our product is.


If you answered in the “Yes” column, then we can help change your life. Call now and sign up for our Free, In-Home 45-Day Trial. There’s no risk and you can see – and hear – for yourself why so many people – and their bank accounts – are happy they tried our product.

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This product is designed for adults and is not to be worn by individuals under the age of 18. Good health practice requires that a person with a hearing loss have a medical evaluation by a licensed physician (preferably a physician who specializes in diseases of the ear) before purchasing a hearing aid. Licensed physicians who specialize in diseases of the ear are often referred to as Otolaryngologists, Otologists, or Otorhinolaryngologists. The purpose of a medical evaluation is to assure that all medically treatable conditions that may affect hearing are identified and treated before the hearing aid is purchased. Following the medical evaluation, the physician will give you a written statement that states that your hearing loss has been evaluated medically and that you may be considered a candidate for a hearing aid. The physician may refer you to an audiologist or a hearing aid dispenser, as appropriate, for a hearing aid evaluation. The audiologist or hearing aid dispenser will conduct a hearing aid evaluation to assess your ability to hear with and without a hearing aid. The hearing aid evaluation will enable the audiologist or dispenser to select and fit a hearing aid to your individual needs. If you have reservations about your ability to adapt to amplification, you should inquire about the availability of a trial-rental or purchase option program. Many hearing aid dispensers now offer programs that permit you to wear a hearing aid for a period of time for a nominal fee after which you may decide if you want to purchase the hearing aid. Federal law restricts the sale of hearing aids to those individuals who have obtained a medical evaluation from a licensed physician. Federal law permits a fully informed adult to sign a waiver statement declining the medical evaluation for religious or personal beliefs that preclude consultation with a physician. The exercise of such a waiver is not in your best health interest and its use is strongly discouraged.